I wonder if I'll ever see you again (c)

quand tu vas me lire
Yesterday I went to bed very early and almost before my waking up I had a wonderful dream. There was my M. And the truth is that it was very unusual. In my dream he was kissing my toes and it was really hot. All day I was in that blue mood staying in my place just spending my time.
Occasionally while surfing internet I came to the conclusion that I really like guys with dark eyes with that soft glance and dark circles under eyes. And I really love guys with sense of humour, ingenuous smile. That's quite opposite to my M and that's very sad. This evening he is leaving for his internship and I hope I'll see him once in September. And the most sad thing is that the title of this post is not about my M, it's about dark-eyed guy from June.


Il faut dire que tout change si rapidement (с)

quand tu vas me lire
Hey there!
I guess it's the right time to make the second post here. Last week I met my friend. He said that I had changed a lot since we had met last time, my jokes had become different, the way I touched my hair and so on. May be he was quote right. Since that trip in the beginning of June I really feel like falling into serious relations, I need all that stuff like responsibility, intimacy, regular sex and so on. The problem is in my current relations I've got nothing of listed below. And I really don't know what to do in existing situation. I guess the wisest way is to go on dating with my M and keep on looking for brand new BF. But it seems really impossible for me.


Chere Veronique, ne te moque pas (c)

quand tu vas me lire
Hello everybody!
This is my just another on-line blog.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Sophia, I’m 26, I’m Russian and I’ve just parted with my BF. What else can I say? As it easy to see my English sucks. I’ve been learning it since I know myself but I still can’t speak, can’t write and can’t understand anything. It wasn’t a big deal for me but a fortnight ago I’ve met a cool guy with whom I could communicate only in English and it was a great problem for me I never want to find myself in the same situation. Have I already mentioned that I’ve just finished my relations? Yesterday I told my BF that I can’t bear that bullshit any longer but maybe I didn’t say it in a proper way maybe my Russian sucks too but I guess he just didn’t understand what actually I meant. Anyway in a week he is going to a summer internship and I’ll stay here in that melancholy mood. So to prevent myself from eating sweets, watching TV-series and crying I’m going to try improve my written skills.
Wish me good luck!

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